Welcome to Rózsahegyi Gyógy-
és Fűszernövény Forgalmazó co. ltd.


Welcome to Rozsahegyi co. ltd's website, the specialist in herbs, medicinal herbs and
spices. Since 1989 the company has remained a family run business and has gained a
reputation for providing a high level of service and quality of goods to its customers both
at home and abroad. The more than twenty years experience, hard work, controlled raw
materials, and production, the high quality standards achieved our partners` trust all
over Europe.

We are Hungary's most known producer, collector and wholesaler of herbs; based on
our three production plants in Erdőkertes, Kerepes and Tiszafüred. We supply the dried
plants Europewide in whole, cut or powder form.


Our growing activity expands more than 90 acres on our own property and on 3-4000
acres which belongs to our exclusive growers - 40 different kinds of herbs under constant
Collection runs on 140 different areas in Hungary as well as in Romania through our
exclusive partner including special plants also from high mountaines.This ensures to our
partners the constant availability of whole range of herbs. We produce and sell yearly
1200 mt herbs and spices, while our product range covers 190 different kind of herbs.


Incoming batches run through our well-equipped plants. All processes of drying, cutting,
fine cutting, milling, sifting, seed cleaning, hand selection are made in our plants under
strict quality control. We produce with utmost care and gently to preserve the maximum
active agents in the plants.


We supply our herbs and spices all over Europe. The strict directives of ISO 9001
regulations governing us to be sucessfull supplier for pharmaceutical-, liqueur-, cannery-
and extraction industry.

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